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Porsche Cayman Liberty Walk

Check that amazing video about body kit Liberty Walk for a Porsche Cayman youtubeembedcode en Please check Porsche Collection Store  Thanks  Braves Garage Customs

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Maserati Liberty Walk

We’re big fans of the Gran Turismo, production of which is set to end this year, and it seems Liberty Walk wants it to go out with a bang. Or a whimper, depending on what floats your boat that is… The tuner has given the Italian its trademark wide body kit; it has added swelled fenders, a massive wing, side skirts, and front splitter to the car but we reckon it doesn’t look quite right. The Gran Turismo is a classy coupe and this outrageous new look by the Japanese firm doesn’t do the Maser justice, it’s just too gaudy and if anything, it looks like a drift car. That’s the polar opposite of what this refined, luxury GT stands...

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Maserati Alfieri Concept

Concept called Maserati Alfieri, which shares the same engine and chassis platform as the Maserati MC Stradale. The exhaust system has been completely redesigned and the car is now able to produce a deeper V8 sound! Turn up your speakers!  

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